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I hear what you're saying and with me, thankfully, it's not so much out of desperation or necessity as much as it is reliability. The general consensus may be different, but as far as I'm concerned anything after actual order placement should be taken into account by the vendor and time should be organised accordingly. It is "same day dispatch order cut-off" and not "Post Office O'clock", after all.
Not here to shoot anyone and being honest everyone's been great here, from vendors to other buyers. Just a little gripe of mine is all. The only other one is that i have had only one vendor, TGT, mark the order as "ordered" to begin with, before appropriately changing it to sent. Every other order (a lot) from anyone else just gets marked as sent when they take the order. Just gives a less accurate idea of the process, which can remove some assurance from the situation, especially given the nature of this market and process.
Thanks for your response.