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To bare in mind that this is advertised as naturally grown organic to compete for a daily smoking budget.

White Widow
Okay so bud was small (free sample :) but did have the characteristics of the widow herself. Darker green leafs with orange hairs trimming was okay and for organic had a mild but pleasant taste, hinting more on a peppery side with a small hint of citrus. Again I smoked it as a blunt with shake as packing. I did feel a light ambient temple buzz but nothing too powering would be nice for a casual smoker on a budget to try some organic.

Royal cheese
I really feel unfair to judge this as the buds were very small and leafy postage squash didn't help but my sample wasn't trimmed greatly and buds just weren't quite there. I smoked the sample as a blunt with some dust as packing and it was a little harder on the throat not allowing the natural flavours through and as a seasoned smoker I really didn't feel any effects and would only recomend this if it was at a slightly better quality but low priced for people that are looking for a cheaper grade of smoke. Again hard to judge with the sample.