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Mr Spock free shake Review..
Shake review

On first look it's very well ground up with a herbal smell, under the microscope I was shocked at how much THC was mixed in with it. I started off by rolling a half an half joint with Backy and it wasn't all that so I rolled one with just shake. It was abit better so I ended up using a dry vape and to my surprise the taste was good with a nice strong hit that went to my head. For a trim mix this isn't that bad could be abit sweeter an not ground up as much. If you have a vape I sugest buying it for that as a good night will be very cheap to have.

Perfect for cooking with.

Taste not sweet enough for me.
Not good for joints.
To ground up.

So with all that being said it's not up there with the best stuff on LB but it has a place.
My score is a 5/10 in shake terms.

I don't get payed or are told what to write in any of my reviews if I don't like it or i have anything critical to say about any smoke I buy I will say.