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Super Shake Mix Review
So I enquired about the sample product listed with the Super Shake Mix. Chronusbuds was very responsive and had no problems getting a sample sent out. Arrived in 1 day very well packaged and with a professional look. But also to my surprise discovery was 2 more separate packages! White widow and Royale Cheese samples. Thanks CB

The shake is exactly what it says on the tin, perfect for use as an alternative to tobacco from packing for blunts, bong mixes and dry herb vaping etc. When smoked as it is in rolling papers/bong/pipe it is quite harsh and has a slight burning taste but there is defiantley THC and CBD present as you do get and nice warming stone coming from the indica side of family traits.

I will review the white widow and Royale Cheese at a later point.

But overall I can't fault Chronusbuds with my experience I can confidently say... great vendor for communication, speed on delivery, weight and product description spot on, professional packaging, will be interesting to see future products.

Customer service/contact 10/10
Service/speed 10/10
Description to product 10/10