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Super Shake Mix Review + Extras
Thank you for sending this out ChronusBuds. After enquiring about a review sample of Super Shake Mix, CB was quick to reply and sent out the order very rapidly. It arrived NDD,which is a first for me on LB. Kudos to you. The packaging is exceptional and I really love the monotone design, very sleek and professional. Also stealth was impeccable. Absolutely no smell when opened the envelope.

I shall start with the aforementioned Super Shake Mix. The smell from this is nice, herbal and dank. I do have a slight cold at the moment and can't pick up any fine smells. The consistency is good, if not a little dry and ground. You can still roll it into a joint as it is though. Its good for stretching out your bud, or cooking, or as a tobacco alternative. I, personally, will be using it as a tobacco alternative in my joints. The smoke is a little harsh but not too dramatic. Leading into a relaxing high, reminiscent of old school bud. Perfect for getting lost in the moment and meditation. I think price wise, the $20 tag is a little high, I think it would be better suited to a $15 price point. But I do understand that might not be achievable with all the hidden expenses you accrue on here.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that CB had also included samples for two other strains, A lovely extra. The strains are Royal Cheese and Critical. I have not had time to try either of these yet, but shall be mixing these strains with the shake at a later date.

Royal Cheese: The buds I received were very airy and squished. Disappointing to start, The smell is very nice though, Traditional cheesy/skunky aroma that takes me right back. It has a very average trichome coverage. Cure is fine. But to my surprise, is very sticky and hard to grind. I feel this may be more potent than it looks when smoked. This reminds me of street weed in my area. 9/10 chance it will be Cheese or "skunk" But the street stuff is worse than this by a big margin and they try to charge £50 a Q. I don't know what price CB is looking at selling this for, if at all. But it would make a good cheap option.

Critical: This stuff actually looks quite nice, the smell is also nice and dank, sorry though, couldn't really smell much more, damn cold. It has good trichome coverage and moderate adhesion. It's Critical. Legendary, timeless. This is not the best example of it. But far from the worse.

Thanks again CB for your generous samples. I look forward to seeing your future wares.