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Review of shake mix
So I was sent a free sample of the shake mix and two budget bud options, royal cheese and critical.
I am just going to give an honest review of the products, but first off I'd like to thank Chronusbuds for the generosity as it's alot more than I expected and actually got me through what would have been a dry weekend if I hadn't had this. I'll start with the buds.
I was very excited to see the buds in the envelope, but a bit let down by the lack of smell when I opened them. Certainly not the tastiest but the cheese did pack a good punch when I finally got it smoked. These are to be budget buds I am told, though I'm not sure what they will go for.

So the shake is the most interesting find in the envelope, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the cheese and critical are mixed in amongst.

There is alot of ground up trim in the mix, and it has that standard trim taste, anyone that's grown and kept a jar of the offcuts will know this taste.

I hear good things about this in a vape, but I've only tried it in a gandalf pipe and rolled up. The roll up got me pretty stoned and it smoked evenly and well, however i'm mostly on the pipe these days. It smokes quick in the bowl and a clean white ash by the end. It gets me stoned, but it doesn't get me wiped. A definite day time smoke I'd say, or if you are looking to cut down ur thc intake but still smoke alot lol.
God.. I feel like I'm struggling to give this it's dues... I mean it's not amazing by any stretch, but I have been craving these budget options for a while. It gives me something to smoke that doesn't glue me to the seat.
A while back I posted a thread enquiring about greengo and other tobacco replacements, this product nails it with the trim. Decent price for what it is, so I will no doubt be buying again.