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Star Dawg Import grade A+ - Review (Radar Breeder)
Star Dawg, what an amazing strain and what an amazing example of it here.
These days it’s considered about as exotic as Fish and Chips but just like the culinary classic, there are times when Stardawg is just what’s needed to put me on the right track.

I’ve heard many good things about RBs Star Dawg and really thought I owed it to my self to give it ago. Just reading the feedback had me excited “this star is what God would smoke”, pretty much straight 10s and several positive photo reviews on previous batches gave me really high hopes for this.
Now that I’ve been on this for a couple of days I agree 100%, this is stunning Stardawg.

If you’re in the market for that stinky, trich covered, sit around and do nothing all day Stardawg then look no further because this is the one. I’m a heavy smoker by anyones standards and have been for many years and this one got me just right.

The high from this is a wonderful thing, like a warm bath for the mind and body. This stuff has the ability to melt away tension and worry with every toke.
This stuff does it’s job so well that the world outside my door could be burning (some might argue it is) and I really wouldn’t be bothered as long as I had a jar of this.
Smooth smoke and perfect white ash just add to the positives and the taste is also amazing, absolutely unmistakable and so strong.
So strong I can still taste it after brushing my teeth, like really taste it (and just for the record this wasn’t some half effort stoner brush this is full on with an electric toothbrush).

I won’t bang on about this for too long because everyone who’s smoked Weed in the UK over last few years probably knows this strain inside out but I will say in my opinion this is one of, if not the best version of this strain I’ve had home or abroad.
This is a million miles from the stuff grown by some guy down the street in his Granny’s attic. This took me back to the time when Star Dawg was the hot new strain and reminded me why it’s been such a massive hit.
This really has made me excited for Stardawg again which is something I never thought I’d say. It really is premo smoke on any level and in my experience you really aren’t really going to find much Stardawg that can touch this.

(***Standard disclaimer - it’s just my opinion, I paid for it and photos are my own taken using an iPad***)