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Biker OG - The Mike Tyson of bud


//review by sidetracked

The quality of bud from TGT so far has been irreproachable and Biker OG is another testament to that accolade. This strain has the power of Tyson's right hook and the magical prowess of Houdini himself. Just when you think you've got it figured out it pulls a fast one and you're left wondering what just happened.

//look&feel (premium quality, perfect trim)

I'm struggling to find words adequate enough to describe the quality of this bud... Perfection is close but not quite enough. The person that trimmed this bud has a lot of love for the craft and has done a commendable job. My pictures don't do it justice, that nug is 2g.

The bud is dense with no give when pressed, just an absolute unit - all mass. Schwarzenegger status. It is coated with sticky resin that the many trichomes adhere to, forming a thick outer later that gives off a brilliant shine when inspected. If you press it it will have no trouble sticking to your fingers. There is not a leaf in sight and the trim is right down to the nug, leaving nothing but delicious medicine to consume. The bud is healthy and full of life, actually I'm not sure it could be any more fresh. Everything about it just feels and looks premium.

//aroma (pine, earth)

The smell is strong, not offensively so but it hits the nose instantly. It has a very strong pine smell to it. I'd liken it to a car air freshener, you know the little yellow trees? Or pine scented surface wipes. It is earthy and very full, there is no mistaking it. The smell is as sticky as the bud itself, it just clings to everything, my fingers, clothes, hair, it is definitely not a stealth smoke.

The fact that I couldn't smell anything from the pack is a testament to TGT's great stealth.

//flavour (tasty!)

Strength seems to be the theme for this strain because the flavour is strong too. Similar to the smell it's piney but actually more like lemon in taste, it's earthy and very pronounced. It taste lovely as it rolls over the tongue, nothing but flavour. I would keep tasting for a more accurate description but I have a busy day ahead and...

//effects (heavy, sedating, calming)

This stuff knocks me out. I really underestimated how strong this strain is, in taste and high. For my first toke I filled a bong with 0.3g and it packed a heavy punch that went straight for my throat. I managed to suppress the cough and hold it down. At first I was quite alert and felt more of a head high, which caused me to let my guard down a bit. Then this heavy body high came out of nowhere and hit me like a truck. Thoughts became harder to form as my brain succumbed to the sledgehammer that is Biker OG.

My body and mind were fully sedated at this point and I spent a good ten minutes just staring in to space taking it all in. I'm calm and happy as my body falls in to even deeper states of relaxation. No idea what I was thinking about but I'm sure it was something dumb. I was so comfortable as I melted in to the chair that I could have easily went to sleep. I think this strain would be great for dulling aches and pains because I could barely feel the chair under me.

After peak when I regained most of my brain function and wiped the little bit of drool from the corner of my mouth I was able to analyze the effects. At this point the high changed again and settled in to this warm, gentle glow that was really pleasant. The indica had moved aside a little and made way for the sativa. Now that I was able to operate at a normal speed again I was quite chatty and animated as the heavier effects wore off. The effects lasted well over an hour, and as they wear off I don't feel the need to immediately top up. It was quite the experience.

Friends, we have some very strong bud here. Even veteran smokers may find themselves underestimating it, like I did. I don't think anyone will disagree that this is yet another home run from The Green Team.

Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to get a little sneak peek of this lovely bud provided to me by TGT. I wasn't asked to review it but I couldn't resist.

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