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Did anyone order from Rainbowkat?
Hey guys and gals! My friend wanted me to order him some DMT from rainbowkat on here, I hadn’t seen that name before but thought I’d give it a go and get it for him. It said it was sent on the 31st of jan 1st class, however he still hasn’t received it. I ordered him some GSC from radar which was sent on the same day and he got that within a few days. Not really sure what to do, I’ve messaged them to see if I get a reply but there page is showing restricted now which is a bit worrying. Escrow show auto release in 2 days so I guess I’ve got limited time to dispute it (I’m guessing that’s what it means) never had to dispute anything before.
Was looking for some advice on what to do and to see if anyone else has placed an order with them recently.

Many thanks