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Shake Review
I have been using CBs super shake mix as my main smoke for the past two weeks.

I usually smoke with a pipe, or in my pax2 and like to stay buzzed through the day. I use for pain relief and this has helped me do my thing for the past two weeks.

As a wake and bake, it has a chilled effect. Its definatly no where near the strongest weed ive ever had, but, at 5am it still gives you that nice warm fuzzy feeling as you chill for an hour or two before easing into the day.

After a stressful day at work i found the shake mix to be adequate at helping me decompress and wind down. It has been nice having some stronger strains around to have a pipe here and there, but if you are looking to just stay mellow (and not sparkled) then this stuff is great value for money.

For a day off, or if you fancy getting proper stoned - i haven't managed to get melted with this. I have a high tolerance and smoke a lot. I suspect if i rolled a big J with this i would get pretty fucked up - but in the pipe its not as pronounced as some of the other bud ive had. Again though, that's to be expected, as this is shake.

I have purchased the product twice and both times it has been same quality and appearance. Have just ordered for a third time (quad pack :)) and will be continuing to use it as my day smoke. Stealth is spot on and comms are sound. Really impressed with this new vendor

A god send for those who need medication but are on a budget, cant go wrong with this.