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Sister stuck in eating disorders / looking for psilocybin microdoses
Hi biggas,

My little sister (21 years old) is stuck in eating disorders since 5 years, switching from restrictive anorexia to boulimia. This becomes extremely difficult for her, having already spent more than 5 months in different services without success.

The next step would be another internment in a specialized clinic, where she would be equipped by a nasogastric tube 24/7 for 3 weeks to reset her stomach (which is becoming very fragile due to her vomiting habit), which means not eating for 3 weeks.
I think this could do more psychologic damages to her.

I really want to help her. It's killing me.

She smokes weed but never did psychedelics and they seem to scare her a bit. Maybe she is not ready for a breakthrough yet but I'm pretty sure psilocybin microdosing could help her to deconstruct her deadly patterns. One research program exists in Baltimore, US (https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04052568) but we live in France.

1) What do you think ?
2) I saw micro-doses caps of psilocybin several weeks ago from a LB vendor but can't find them anymore. Do you know if I can get this on here from a trustable source ?

Thank you... one love