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I’ll play the tinfoil hat card in that case:

The level 4 bio lab in wuhan was funded by the Americans and traces back to non other than Jeffery Epstein/Harvard university (see YouTube: Shaun Attwood’s Jeffery Epstein playlist vids).
The idea is in the short term to undermine the Asian economy (working well) and in the long term to assist in the Committee of 300/Black Monarchy plan to reduce the global population by 50% by 2050. Big Pharmaceutical companies will make huge profits also which all go back to the 300.
See ‘The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman’ in YouTube. This will show the truth to those with eyes to see.
It is just 1 small thread.
5g will make many of us infertile in the short term and cause cancer in the longer term. The weaponised aspect with full coverage will make protest or revolt near on impossible.
The goal is 1 world government with the masses easily managed.
Lots of us are waking up. We can stop this. I am not the masses, I am an individual.
The elite nonces want total power. Let’s stand up and say no. Join your local ‘no 5g’ group and get up and protest. For your kids sake. As the lyrics say if you tolerate this then your children will be next. Take 5 mins and look at the vids. Look at Prince Andrew’s victim Virginia Giuffre’s twitter page. She provides documents from California courts claiming Donald Trump raped a 13 year old child. Why was the case dropped? Why don’t we hear about it? Why do the elites (Clinton, trump, Heath, the royals, etc etc) all nonce? The truth is in plain sight.
Jimmy Savile was prince Charles best mate and gave marriage counciling to Diana. She wrote about it in her autobiography.
Charles best mate: Savile. Andrews best mates: Epstein and maxwell. If you read this far then peace and love.
We are waking up.