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You lot having been hitting the ganja too hard! It’s simple biology that caused this outbreak. When living things breed their dna is copied but this isn’t a perfect process and sometimes errors in this process causes mutations. Where viral generations can be a matter of minutes rather than years microbial life is much more susceptible to mutations such as becoming more virulent and resistant to existing medicine. Or as is suspected in this outbreak a type of virus may live happily in a certain species of animal without causing harm but a mutation allows it to cross the species barrier and infect humans, but where humans aren’t it’s usual host it can cause harm. Unfortunately this is more common in areas where bush meat is traded because your going to get a range of different animal diseases that may cross the species barrier and there’s no biohazard control like you would get in an abattoir. Seriously, linking Coronavirus with 5g and the royals!? Why not throw in reptilians for good measure? Posts like this make me weep for humanity.
from  vikosh79