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If you actually look at 5g you will see that over 130 thousand 5g towers were put in china in 2019 in the bid to win this stupid 5g race.

November to be exact is when it all started with the mass 5g installations and yet thats also when the first case of coronavirus was confirmed.

With over 10 thousand being installed in wuhan alone.

You look at side effects from emf frequencies and a lot of it could well be linked. It does have the potential to mutate things.

America has approximately 10 thousand 5g antennas throughout the whole country to put it into perspective.

Look at the amount of emf related complaints in america alone.

Recently near me they turned on 5g and 200 birds fell out of the sky. The news tried to say oh must of been a bird of prey ? things arent always black and white. Coronavirus is just another virus they are using to fear monger. Then there will be a vaccine for it.

Every year its the same. Sars. Bird flu. Swine flu. Ebola. The normal flu. Same shit every year . People just got to open their eyes.