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It would make sense for the Americans to start it off in china and overplay the number of deaths added to the fear and isolation and every person in the west is ready to boycott china or even war. Makes you think when all the countries suffering most deaths are usa, uk, italy, spain and france. They have never fought together before ?.. someone dies of a heart attack in the uk, do you think they will waste their very rare tests. Just write it as corona, Helps in multiple ways. Politicians are nuts. You never know! All I know is I only barely scraped through secondary school and I was saying shut down all flights from china to any country weeks before they even started reporting about what was happening in China on tv. It was all over twitter for months before. Just like trump said china cant hit the hong kong protesters and it was all over our tvs but macrons goons were beating the feck out of decent french people and our tvs showed nothing. Thank fuck we have weed in this crazy world
from  Hashmenow