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Good Buyers to Leave Honest Feedback ($9 for 1.5g Samples)
Hi all,

I'll be offering sample packs of 1.5g, next week, consisting of;

0.5g of Weedabix (old buds i've vacuum packed from my first grows and now is basically brick weed, it's decent stuff but nothing to shout home about, which will be reflected in the price)

0.5g of Pineapple Express (good daily smoke, nice buds that won't blow your head off if you're a more Sativa, 10-15% THC kind of guy)


0.5g of Critical 2.0 from Dinafem, (great, smooth buds which have been curing now for 8 weeks and are really starting to come into their own, not too stinky although stinky enough in my opinion and a good strong 17-22% THC, couch-lock type smoke for when you want to watch a bit of Netflix and chill).

These sample packs containing all 3 will be sold for just $9 (with free shipping) as an introductory offer - only 20 sample packs will be on sale.

Once i've got some feedback and reviews i'll release the 3 products with VERY competitive prices. There won't be a lot of it so hopefully it'll go quickly if people like the samples.

I'm a personal grower so i always flush my plants to rid them of toxins, i never speed dry and i always cure my product with 58-62% Boveda packs, in Kilner jars for a minimum of 6 weeks, preferably 8.

This venture is to get rid of my excess, so you will get what i personally grow and smoke. I like to think after 10 years growing i don't like smoking bad weed, but i'll leave that for others to judge.

Thanks for the interest. Watch this space.

Cheers. BB