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My experience on LittleBiggy
When I first found this site, it was the topics and posts I read from other users that convinced me to take the plunge. So if your a new user lurking around, trying to decide to take the gamble on this strange looking website I hope my experience will help convince you to hit the buy button.

I first found the site in December and have placed 5 orders with 5 different vendors, 4 of of them have been top notch, and even the one that didn't work out was still a great experience (more on that later). The vendors I've used and can 100% recommend:


I did unfortunately get caught up in the entire Shrekage ordeal, where this vendor seems to have mysteriously vanished after taking my money and receiving nothing. However this let me try the escrow system, which after all is the back bone of little biggy that is suppose to give buyers even more confidence. I was actually expecting nothing to come of it, as I didn't have many buys and therefore not much reputation. However I raised my problem with them, and without even raising a dispute they refunded my money in full with no hassle what so ever. I think I've been unlucky to get burned by a vendor with so few purchases, but even when things go wrong (which seems rare) the system in place absolutely works and you can buy with full confidence.

Disclaimer, this is just my experience so far and other people may have different experiences, but I 100% recommend Little Biggy.