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what if we let the boomers die?
just playing devil's advocate here literally. and I know there's a zillion boomers right here on lb.

but we are shutting down the planet, this is the largest mutual effort in history. the only thing that compares is oddly enough, war.

in war old leaders decide to send young people to their death, wiping them out and their many potential offspring. yet the old are especially protected. this doesn't make sense in any societal or evolutionary way it just serves the self interest of the old - who happen to be the rulers calling this shot.

now the young are called up again, in history's largest timeout they will lose finances, jobs and sanity as they are terrified into submission to save .0001 of the population, nearly all of who will die from other causes within a few years.

im not really advocating we let anyone die, i am happy to sacrifice for them further than this but lets call this what it is, the story that is always hidden. self interest from the ruling class.