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Ah man...really? Ah I hope it is just a blip...would be a real shame if Ron turns out to be a wrong un... his service has always been great for me and every bit of weed he sent was good for weight and quality.... seems odd as my last order from him came in a custom designed bag with stickers and shit so it seems weird that he would go to all that effort if he was planning to jump ship...my gut says it's just nothing but... what do I know eh...been mugged off plenty of times lol

I have been pondering the situation myself mate...lockdowns making me very skint but I do have a very full stash fortunately...bit worried about the inevitable drought though and would like to keep stocking while I can...

I have been trawling ratings this week to see number of days for delivery and JJ and RB both seem to be dropping packs quickly as normal last week...I do think that the post is going to start deteriorating quite quickly though...

Ah Chris man, really hoping it's just nothing.... what did you order? Assume you have messaged him? Are they showing as read or not?