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You know what man, that would make me feel a bit better tbh - if the order hasn't been touched and the messages are unread it seems more likely that something unfortunate may have befallen Ron rather than him attempting to scam...a scammer would surely read the messages or kill his page?

I'm going to find it really hard to believe that Ron would wrong you man... seems more plausible that he has had some kind of issue and when he logged in to dead the listings he may have had a million messges and no time to deal...

Also, it's very weird out in the real world at the moment...I am still out every day for work purposes and you do feel very exposed...I wouldn't want to be walking the streets with packs round my way at the moment I know that...I do really hope that something of this nature hasn't befallen him whilst attempting to keep biggas supplied...

Hope it gets sorted for you man