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Quick Kosher Dawg review
Just want to say that anyone who hasn't tried JJ's Kosher Dawg is seriously missing out!!! Had a few different batches of this and it always delivers... The colours of this bud alone are enough to tap in to the psychedelic realm. As for smell and flavour, really complex.. Elements of Stardawg, Wedding cake, Sour D... The list goes on. Effects wise this will lift you to euphoric levels. Long lasting, blissful and floaty, and really good for creativity. Absolutely amazing bud and huge respect to JJ for all the work!
I'm a returning customer with JJ, and have always had a top experience. Stealth has improved significantly, though I never personally had an issue. Full tracking provided and next day delivery even during lockdown! Couldn't ask for more.

Just to note; I bought from this vendor, this is my opinion, and I was in no way bribed, blackmailed or coerced into writing a review. Just thought that JJ deserved some kudos.