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A pleasant surprise from Super Orange Glue
Hey LB
Just little courtesy review of my SAMPLE of Super Orange Glue. It was a small sample so no photos.
If im honest ive been interested in this strain since drop but being a Sativa head resisted buying as only 50/50 genetically and im broke. Also, for me ‘Glue’ in a strains name puts me off, but having some Diesel lineage i chose this one first out of the two.
It goes without saying DInc stealth was 10/10. My sample was perfect for my usual method of toking, a pure king size slim(rizla micron) with a rolls69 filter.
So, on opening i was hit by pure Tangie STINK(and im not over egging the pudding here)! Anyone who has smoked Tangie or one its many offspring like Tangerine dream, or the popes Tangerine cookies will know what i mean. A potent tangy orange peel smell like orange essence and skunk. Opened upstairs and the mrs smelt it downstairs before sparking lol-oops. Not for stealth tokers!
Dense lighter green buds, with whispy orange hairs. Trics visible on the exterior; not a frost storm by any means but consistent throughout the interior on breaking for the grind. Ground perfectly, to a v fine consistency(great for vaper’s).
On sparking smoke was surprisingly smooth so taste got the better of me and i took a good lungful. A bit more ooomph on the exhale mind , leading to a very orangey cough which red eyed me immediately.
The stone was very different to what i expected andleaned Sativa(thumbs up!). The high just kept creeping, increasing energy, breathing became lighter and a pleasant Sativa buzz took over. Not racey but great clarity in thought, sociable and talkative lifting my mood beautifully with a subtle body buzz relaxing my muscles(back in particular so good analgesic properties) but not glue as name suggests. The Sativa aspect just kept going and going(was expecting to be drooling hour in but NO). The buzz was just consistent for 2.5h or so, dissipating into a mellow pre-dream state which led to a very comfortable nights sleep.
All in all very functional so dont be put off by the name!
A lovely example of new UK grown genetics and flavours which Drugs Inc always brings. I would definitely buy this strain in the future but cant imagine it being mainstream so definitely worth a try while its around.
Thanks Drugs Inc!