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Edibles and their effect
Hi all, I've been trying to research this for some time now and struggle to find anything behind anecdotal information.
I've made edibles myself, had them from others and even tried a 2000mg chocolate bar from California. A friend of mine had half of a similar bar and nearly two hours later, while I was protesting it's complete lack of effects, he was laughing at how he'd just literally drooled all over his own hands because he forgot he had to swallow. Now, I've built up a high tolerance from smoking but this guy would start rolling another before his last one was out. Cleary my tolerance level can't be the sole factor. I have no diagnosed conditions relating to my digestive system or it's ability to absorb nutrients, no liver dysfunctions and I'm a healthy size for my height. That isn't to say there's nothing wrong with me there and I do believe I have some unaddressed issues there as I can eat a TON without gaining weight. If I get a takeaway, the family of 5 will order £30 and I'll order another £35 just for me. They'll still have some left for lunch the following day and mine would be finished! I'm 5'6" (yeah I know, lol) and about 10st. The others have gotten, let's say, progressively larger over time but not me. I'm always hungry. I'm almost convinced that there is some, even if indirect, relation between the two but it's a difficult one to speak to the professionals about in the UK.

"Hi doc"

"Hello, how can I help you today?"

"Well, try as I might, I can't get high on edibles"

"Right, so is there anything I can help you with today?

Of course I have addressed these issues without the "weed" tagline attached but so far, to no avail.

Does anyone have any scientific experience with this phenomenon? I should say that I am FULLY aware of the biological process and understand the progression of decarboxylation and metabolization from thc-a / delta-9 / 11-nor-9carboxy. I've read a little about a particular enzyme that I may be lacking, which would indeed be rather uncommon but I guess it has to be someone, right?