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Be careful when checking tx using blockchain, can be tricky =)

BTC can be sent in small or large chunks of data, the 217 USD is due the original (address) amount from which comes your payment, the original amount is 0.0318 BTC and you got your share from that amount.

Every new addresses generated are derived from the first address, and every address is like a "new wallet", if you received 10 transactions and the total amount is 1BTC and you want to send it to someone else you'll pay an higher fee because more data (in bytes) is involved, instead if you received 1 BTC in just one transaction and you send it, you'll pay a lower fee because less data is involved.

This means that the address from which you received your part, has
used 0.03188684 BTC in that block and a part of it was used to send to you your share and the rest was sent to someone else.

I advice you to read some topics about how BTC transactions works, cheers!

paid is when the customer has paid for the order
released is when you received your share of BTC