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Yo buddy - welcome to Lb - yes, it's got very busy here the last few weeks due to lockdown so be prepared for slightly slower runnings than usual...

Coinbase is ok - well, it's shit but it's ok lol... I have had numerous issues with coinbase freezing the account etc but once I went through all their steps and uploaded full photo id etc it now runs fine, haven't been blocked on it in weeks now.

If you follow the links to verify your account etc it should free it up to use - I'm not too worried personally about coinbase 'knowing' what I'm up to...there is a lot of legit trade that takes places with BTC so can't see they will be that bothered to start looking, it's all business for them at the end of the day. Others may advise otherwise though man...my view is kind of that the feds can come fucking get me for an oz of bud if they like...cost them more in overtime than it will for me to re-up...

Do consider getting a 'wallet' though like exodus or something - I have been caught out badly by leaving bitcoin in coinbase for a few days and the market tanks and I have lost loads of money in the last few weeks...got myself a wallet now - buy the coin on coinbase and send it straight to a wallet and then on to vendor.

Good luck man, peace