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I use it for medical - pain and anxiety mostly. I still smoke some flower, but I've fallen in love with the Pumpjack Wellness Oil THC=CBD. Unless you're sure how Indica or Sativa will treat your particular issues, I'd suggest you start with the Hybrid.

This Pumpjack is THE BEST edible in my opinion for variable dosing, and full spectrum. On a decent morning, when I hope to get something done, 3-4 drops of Sativa helps dull the pain, energize, and keep me focused for a while. Beware of Sativa on panic attack days - it can just make things a lot worse by making you paranoid. Since I have that tendency, I don't take more than about double the above dose of Sativa.

The Indica is my winner for BAD days, when I have to take a script Valium, and other pharmas, before coffee. I still start on the low side with 5-6 drops under the tongue. It helps settle the pain, and calm me down enough to feel OK and can lead to serious couchlock.

Now it gets a bit odd...if you don't feel results well enough by about 30-45 minutes later, have something to eat. At least for me, a little food - even a small meal, can kick this Pumpjack oil up a couple more gears! It doesn't make sense, or happen all the time, but when it does, it's sweet! Anyway, the Indica is the one I also use to help me sleep. So I do lean on the Indica, but I'm going to try the hybrid...see how it works for me. Try to be patient with these drops or you'll wake up hours later, wondering what happened...but probably quite comfortable.