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The Real Deal
Added one of these onto my first order with RB, after many attempts at making my own cake which hasn’t been that successful- this is exactly what I was going for!

Love these so much I’ve ordered again since and will do over and over. First time had a 3rd of the cake which gave me a really pleasant high- I had been smoking before and during so it was hard to give a detailed description.

Second batch had half, no smoking just wait for it to hit (for me starting at 1hr and then really kicking in around 2hr) and that got real zoney for me!! Did go for a walk in the sun and got well spaced out and then crashed on the sofa and munched when got back. Haha and then had the best nights sleep in years

These are really strong in my opinion and put me on a high I haven’t had in such a long time, real good value for money and are actually tasty and moist as a cake, strong weedy taste as well.

Look forward to getting another batch in, another top quality product from RB- Radar Baker? Thanks for getting us baked lol keep up the good work!!!

(No pics as I ate it all... oops)