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Hi! I’ve been using Coinbase with a Blockchain wallet and have more recently been using the Blockchain trading platform too. Both are great!! However I would like a way to buy bitcoin that doesn’t show up as such in my bank statements. Buying with Blockchain is better than Coinbase in this respect because it shows up as transferring money to yourself on any records, however it takes so much longer to transfer to the wallet than Coinbase. I’ve been looking for somewhere to buy bitcoin with PayPal (can pre pod my PayPal account and pay through that) but have only found E-Toro (had a bad experience and not a fan) and Paxful - unfortunately you have to buy from other users, meaning you lose a (quite large) proportion of what you buy.

Does anyone know of any other PayPal-accepting bit coin vendors/anywhere I can buy bitcoin that doesn’t show up as such on bank records?

Any help greatly appreciated :)!!