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Mr Spocks 100th buy (Black lime reserve)review!!!
My 100th buy was pretty special(Black lime reserve), not just the weed but getting to the milestone. When I first used LB i never imagined having 100 buys but now I think about it it's not alot for how much I smoke :)

On first look it's very well grown, nice compact buds all mid size with alot of THC.
The bud has a mild peppery smell with herbal undertones then when broken up this wonderful earthy pine smell overwhelms my nose, so good.
Apon having the first pull I'm taken back by the uplifting taste of a lime/pine which made for a great taste. After a few pulls I had to put it down as my tolerance is very low at the moment (I recommend lowering it once every 2/3months).
I was expecting a stone from an indic but I got a really strong high which at first made me very paranoid but after a minute I relaxed into a giggly school girl. After about an hour I'd finished the joint an that was it i was done smoking for the day.


This helped me in such a big way with my depression. I had been very upset before having it then after I started to remember the good in life so a big+
Also when I had a LSD trip it was perfect for that.
I think I was very lucky to get this for my 100th buy an will never forget the experience.


This has to be a 10/10 all day long. Get it while you can!!!!


I don't get payed or are told what to write in any of my reviews if I don't like it or i have anything critical to say about any smoke I buy I will say.