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Yes man! MrSpock89 I’m soo glad you got to try the BLR and to have that as your 100th buy I’d be very happy to receive that bud.
I think I’ve gone through about 2-3 oz of the BLR in the last month : ) I love it that much - contender for strain of the year in my books!
Now because of my medical needs I need to have some strong bud, hash and shatter/ crumble and with this being indica dominant I partnered it with super silver haze and candy kush hash to make a super strong ass joint that’s in the order of about 3-4grams in weight! This may seem to be a lot to most, but for me this is like smoking a cigarette (although I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore) and is required to quench my chronic pain levels.
I was totally surprised how much I loved this bud and am praying that it may come around again!
Congrats on your 100th buy mate I just reached 50 buys in the last week or so, so have a bit more toking to go! ;-)