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Seriously, i have bought HUNDREDS of times of TGT.. they have always sent my stuff, never lost 1! The post right now is f**ked! If you start telling lies about them, then expect to never be able to buy off that seller again, you are ruining something trulely great for yourself here! (THT have some banging weed)

I just waited two weeks for my oz of purple dawg to show ¹st class, even next days are taking 3 4 + days.. just be patient, and stop your slanderous words! They likely recieve HUNDREDS of mssgs a day, and most vendors dont give you tracking because then you would know where they do there drops and could very well drive there and rob them!.. it would be stupid for them to put themselves at risk.. if it doesnt get signed delivered by RM then you will get your money back thru escrow!!
from  Sammy2912