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Is it Christmas?
The title says it all I say! I bet most are like WTF!!! NO it’s just turning into summer!
So what do I mean? Well I understand that Christmas is in December and it’s only May! So WTF!!!
Well what I’m eluding to is that over probably the last few weeks DIUK have been bringing some killer strains to the party like seriously good bud. Not that they hadn’t been providing killer bud before cus OH YEAH!!!! DIUK have brought some of my favourite strains this year and to date! Super orange glue was simply astonishing I mean this was pure heaven and was so so good and I was so so impressed I think I went for about 3-4 orders of it and it became my favourite strain EVER!!! Then there’s the black lime reserve. Ah man I just find a new favourite strain in super orange glue & the black lime reserve steps up BIG TIME!!! For me this was like a lime version of the super glue, so so good in fact this flew up into the clouds along with my head! And parked itself on the pedestal with super orange glue as a favourite. Not to mention the fruity pebbles, BCN diesel and then.................
........WTF! What the actual fuk! A batch of bud arrives in the UK from across the pond from our Canadian cousins?!?!? What’s so special about that? From what I’ve been told Canadian bud is the new Cali and man they weren’t wrong! Cali is kinda recognised as being some of if not the best weed around (others would debate otherwise and that’s fine) so when the Candyland Cookies pops up, I now see why some people make that prior statement, this is magnificent bud like seriously this is now THE best bit of bud to date for me! Absolutely stunning bud, it tokes like heaven in your mouth and I can’t get enough of this divine bud. I think I’ve gone through 3 maybe 4oz of it I should invest in it!
Then we get gorilla zkittles (a personal favourite) and strawberry haze (another fave!) land this week and I’m blow away yet again by both strains. Both completely different but each fantastic and put together in a joint and ooooh man what a flavour to toke on ! I’m good I got some beautiful buds in from the above strains, I’m happy, this gear is the bomb...........
Ah man! Then they drop the surprise drop they told us about and it’s only granddaddy sour diesel and animal mints.
Man this HAS TO BE CHRISTMAS!!! All this fire bud they go throwing at us and I’m feeling blessed to be able to get these beauties. I’m sure DIUK is Santa! Or they know who is, cus all of the various products they bring up are just superb, really each strain is represented beautifully and DIUK have really pulled the rabbit out of the hat! It sure feels like Christmas with all of these various products.
Big thanks DIUK for providing such great service especially during these crazy times ;-)