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Had my debit card removed from coinbase today,said they no longer support transactions with my card due to some legislation legalese crap I don't understand.
This was right after 5/6 failed attempts to buy bitcoin thinking my wages were in my bank acc when they weren't so think I may have caused card removal because of that?
Was happy using them as well as easy to use n my limit was up to a grand a month untill card removed.Have queried it anyway so waiting on a reply.
Had to fall back on crypterium but not ideal as wallet transactions take hours to clear....n it's a half hour window to pay here! So sending my funds to coinbase wallet n paying from that as it's within minutes.
It's a struggle for us not so tech savvy 40+ stoners to get BTC at times...as long as this amazing place is still running I'll get my bud BTC somehow!
Good luck in your endeavours n stay safe folks.