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JJ's Bay Berry, lovely smoke + Skywalker
I mean, just look at it!

Props to JJ for this one and for his delivery speed, honestly he must operate at a 100mph all day long. Arrived double bagged, both heat sealed so no issues with stealth at all :)

Couldn't see the pics when I ordered this and couldn't find any info about it all so had no idea what to expect but have got a lovely little surprise.

Upon opening the bag I immediately got a real nice skunky smell that was quickly overpowered with a more earthy smell with a little bit of sweetness to it - there's a lot going on with this one and it tastes exactly like it smells! Has a mix of medium and very dark green colours with some mean looking purplish tinting. This is a lovely bit of bud with a very nice high. Would recommend it if your looking for something a bit different.

The Skywalker I got has a much sharper distinct smell to it, has a lot of sparkle and is sticky. Smell of this one lingers on your fingers for ages after touching it and you will smell them! lol I'll add a pic in a comment below, I haven't smoked this one yet so will update when I have. Saving it for late night plus am enjoying the berry too much :P

Thank you so much JJ, I hope you get to rest up over the weekend take it easy mate.

Enjoy your weekend biggas, hope you all keeping well.