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Security Questions
Hello Biggas, I hope we are all having a nice stoned Saturday! I'm fairly new to the site and trying to keep security to a maximum.

I have a few questions.

For my first 3 orders I sent my address using the standard address box with no encryption. I didn't know and still don't fully know how PGP works. I've since used Privnote as requested by one vendor. I like Privnote as it takes address off this site and deletes message after read. Do you think it would cause problems with other vendors if I use Privinote to communicate address? Even if they haven't requested? Seems very easy to use. I have concerns they may miss the address and not be able to check it again.

Second question is on bitcoin, can bitcoin transactions be traced back to a bitcoin wallet? I use a bitcoin wallet and for some stupid reason I've created a bitcoin wallet with a username that I use on another site that could potentially be traced back to me. Am I worrying unnecessarily? Or should I ditch my wallet and get a new one?

Thanks for the help Biggas! Love this place