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Advice for treating Arthritis with CBD
Hey guys!

So as the title suggests, I'm looking for advice on treating rhumatoid (think that's how you spell it) arthritis. It's not for me, it's for my mother who is in her 60s. She's been working in our local hospital for over 20 years and a few months back started getting really bad pains through her left hand / wrist. She was actually misdiagnosed as having RSI but after awhile they clicked on and told her what was actually going on.

She wears a strap now almost every day on her hand/wrist and it's causing some nasty swelling and I can tell it's really bothering her whenever I see her. I have used CBD before when I tore my ACL but I was also smoking heavily everyday so I have no ides what positive effects (if any) that I got but being stoned definitely helped

Here in lies the issue, my Mother will never in a million years smoke a spliff, whether it's THC or CBD, makes no difference to her - she "would never smoke that shit" so I'm asking has anybody had amy experience using CBD oils topically or maybe orally and has it made any difference to you?

Any and all advice / information welcome, I just want to try help my mother be a little more comfortable in her day to day life and don't think tablets are always the answer. Peace!