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haha I know what you mean mate. good weed over here is extortionate. plus fuck all the running about after people and chasing them down. I find on here is a helpful and friendly community. how can you complain about nice fat smelly buds landing through your door?

just a message of caution about royal mail though. they are taking forever in some cases, not all, but a few. I'm waiting on a package nearly 3 weeks but it's not causing me any stress. I've had friends packages drop in after 4 weeks but it's due to under staffing and sickness in certain areas but some vendors have been taking an unfair bashing on here as of late due to no fault of their own. some vendors do offer NDD which I find extremely useful and almost always lands in the next day over here. that's just my personal choice though =)

haha nice mate few autos on the go and your laughing. great time to be a cultivator and potentially..... a new vendor if all goes well down the line. I know a few boys down south who are crying out for weed over here as they have to wait longer on euro post. just a bit of food for thought.

need any more info on purchases etc theres a few guys on here in the help section have good info up incase you get stuck mate.

finally and I'm sure you've lost interest at this point hahaha enjoy mate. I've only been on here from dec and i cant rate it highly enough

stay safe man =)