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How to prepare your shipment

  1. Seal the package (vacuum):

    • use brand new plastic/mylar sealable bags (you can buy it on eBay or Amazon).
    • use new and intact gloves for each layer of bags to prevent any smell traces.
    • use a brown/black bag around the product so its not visible.
    • touch the bag only with one hand and load the content with the other hand using pincers.
    • double seal by folding the bag and getting two seals on it.
    • to prevent uneven weight distribution wrap the package, for example, in bubble wrap.

  2. How much you ship:

    • For larger orders use private shipping companies. Chances are higher that government owned postal companies will open anything they find suspicious without a warrant.

  3. The appearance is everything:

    • Make your package look as discrete as possible.
    • Refrain from masking smells, for example with perfume samples, coffee beans, etc.
    • Refrain from using duct tape.
    • Prepare the address label thoroughly and pay attention to details in the spelling (print the label on an envelope).
    • CONFIRM: triple check the address, send confirming messages to the customer if you are in doubt.
    • Use a brand new envelope for each shipment.
    • Use abbreviation for names, for example: J.F.Andrade or M.Von Lerber.
    • If you are mentioning a return address, make sure it is a business, not a personal address.