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14 ways how to get caught
Do not sell here if your packaging and shipment is not safety proof.

Reasons why your shipment can be checked, confiscated or cause inconvenience to the recipient:

  1. the package emits odours of your packed merchandise or any smell for that matter (e.g., coffee, perfume, fabric-softener sheets).
  2. the package is heavily taped along seams.
  3. the package is poorly prepared for mailing (careless wrapping).
  4. the package appears to have been re-used (reused previous packages).
  5. the package has an uneven weight distribution (redistribution of weight is felt when package is moved or tilted).
  6. the label is handwritten.
  7. misspelling of names, streets or cities.
  8. the package originates from a country/state where certain substances are legal (e.g., Netherlands, Canada, Uruguay, US and so on).
  9. the package was sent from an individual to an individual.
  10. the package has pictures or excess markings on it.
  11. the label contains false or fictitious return addresses or non existent ZIP code.
  12. the label contains return address ZIP code that does not match accepting post office ZIP code.
  13. the package has restrictive markings, such as “personal,” “confidential,” or “do not x-ray”.
  14. the label lists sender's and/or receiver's names of common type (e.g., John Smith) that are not connected to either address.