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Best hash
Sorry to revive an old topic but with the rotation of available stock, the answer is bound to change over time. I'm looking for the best hash I can get for an energetic effect. Taste and everything else comes second. I was holding out for some more strawberry cough hash as it's given me almost exactly the effects I'm looking for in the past, but it looks like I'm clutching at straws for that one now. It's basically between the green crack and amnesia lemon from two different vendors, at least from what I can see. Anyone have any advice to offer? I'm looking for as much of the creative/ energetic/ uplifting creative focus without any couch-lock or much laziness kicking in. Nice flavour would be a plus but not essential. I know I could "just look it up" which, of course, I have but anecdotal information is actually often the truest to form when it comes to such a subjective question. An 80% indica dominant hybrid with
a couch-locking parent can actually be quite uplifting and chatty, for example. And truth be told, how it makes you feel is generally more informative than whatever sticker has been placed on the pack. Every batch can be different.