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Let's make Littlebiggy even better! 10/10 reviews....
First off let's start by saying this place is awesome ..after 75+ buys I would say overall the vendors and the community are both better than anywhere else...by far. I love LB!

Ultimately any site where you buy anything should be about the consumer experience. One area we can massively improve on to make this place better for all, is the reviews. Amazon and trip adviser have built businesses based on honest reviews.

On LB you can't go into a dispensary or round your locals place and smell, touch and see the product. Reviews become even more vital in an online world of purchasing.

So the punchline...there are way way way too many 10/10 reviews. These are chucked around willy nilly and should be reserved for the ultimate...we are talking the best genetics, highest grade possible, perfectly flushed, trimmed and cured. Just because the weed arrived quickly with good stealth doesn't mean a 10 or even a 5. Speed and stealth should be hygiene factors that are expected.

Maybe we should vote on an agreed grading scale? I've had a crack at a few....all rating assume speed and stealth....

10: The best genetics, perfectly grown, flushed and trimmed. One of the best examples of this strain/product seen

9: Near perfect, just slightly below the above

8: Amazing product, maybe slightly lacking in one department eg. genetics, trim, flush, taste, smell, high. Still top quality product that you would be very very happy to receive and smoke. Majority would be an 8 for me.

7. Mid shelf product. Still great and again very happy to smoke.

6. Mid shelf product that either too dry or too wet, could be improved. Not enough love.

5. Average product, should be listed as grade b or c