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See I don't agree with this, for example:

If I buy budget brick weed from a vendor would I then rate it a 6 as it isn't a gleaming Cali nug with 25% thc? That seems a bit silly to me.

The rating system according to the people I spoke to before rating my first order was as follows:
A 10/10 rating is: the bud is exactly the strain ordered, the effects and estimate of thc appear to be on point, weight on or over what was ordered, good dry and cure taking posting into consideration. If I message the vendor and he takes a day to reply there's no way I'd take a mark off, nor would a postal delay. The rating is strictly for the items imo, the forums will say enough about their service if it is indeed an issue.

In short, my reviews are either a 10 for receiving precisely what I paid for with no nasty surprises, if I bought super silver and got amnesia for example (this happened once) then I would state this in the review and mark the bud I did receive out of 10 roughly in line with OP.

Generally speaking:
If you're rating Thai stick a 6 because you received the Thai stick you ordered at the described potency then you shouldn't be allowed to use littlebiggy haha