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Something funny
I know I'm putting a lot of things on lb that aren't necessarily connected to what this lovely community website is for , but I like to talk and share many things on here. I'm still buying though so I'm using it properly lol. This picture I found quite funny -- whilst the virus situation isnt at all funny, I have a dark sense of humor and I find laughing, smiling and humor helps me certainly to cope with things.

It certainly made me laugh, I first saw it when stoned and didn't get it but then I looked again when I was not on anything and it's quite good.

Has anyone bought face masks of any description? I bought one that is a permanent one that wraps around my head and face, it is a cotton permanent one with many prints on it. The trouble is that I think it makes me look like a dodgy dealer so I'm very self conscious about wearing it. You know what I mean - it looks like what I've seen people wear when a tv documentary shows gang type people who have their neck and face covered up. Perhaps a bit judgemental but those were my thoughts.

I use the disposable ones too, I don't drive so I use taxis and out of respect I use a face mask when in them.

I hope you are all ok and well tatar for now!!! :)