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00 Hash (Drugs Inc UK)
First buy from Drugs Inc UK.
A thing of beauty. Breaks apart so delicately.
Stealth was top notch. Vacuum sealed. Looked like a normal buy from ebay.
I haven't smoked for a while was on edibles. Didn't smoke for approx 2 weeks. Crumbled in fingers as I broke it apart from the clump. The high is so soothing normally use the food for pain and this removed it for me. As soon as you open the vaccum seal you get the sweet aroma. Smoked a small amount and it gave full body relaxation and obviously munchies.
very impressed DI. I will be back. I missed out the last time I saw this on post it didn't last long to buy. Have a feeling this will go one time again again :)
Thankyou for doing us a great service. Stay safe