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TGT's Lemon Sorbet Review!
First off I'd like to thank TGT for including a free sample of Pink Kush with my order of Lemon Sorbet, I ordered on Friday night and due to the bank holiday and new postage rules my package wasn't posted until Tuesday. I was asking about the Pink Kush and they threw a sample in to say thank you. I won't review that as I didn't buy it but it smells and looks unreal, great aroma. So thank you TGT, really appreciated :)

What is there to say about this magnificent strain that hasn't been said already? Anybody who has ordered the Lemon Sorbet knows how amazingly fresh and citrusy it smells the second you open the bag. Super Lemon Amnesia doesn't even smell this fresh, the smell tingles your nose and when you crack a bud you can see the deep and dark greens that make them up. Lovely dense popcorn nugs with a really strong fruity aroma that will make even the most seasoned smoker raise their eyebrow.

As always, I sample a new strain by building a 0.6g gents blunt and have a blast off. In the current heat this may have been a mistake lol! The second you light up a joint that sweet aroma of lemony zest fills the air and upon taking a drag you can really taste that sweet lemon flavour. Just a slight tickle to the back of the throat but genuinely very smooth. White ash the whole way to the roach.

The high itself is very full to begin with. By that I mean you feel it from your head to your toes but not overwhelming. A really clean and deep high to begin with but as it fades your left energised with a really nice body high, heavy eyes personally but no redness, which I thought was cool lol.

Stealth, as always with TGT, was bang on the money. My very first order on LB was with TGT and I was gobsmacked at how professional the packaging looked. Once again left laughing at how it fits perfectly through the letterbox with no smell. Kind of a thing of beauty in it's own right so props to the packaging team, really professional job.

I'm really happy TGT re-stocked this strain and I got my hands on some because I missed the first batch but man! This stuff was worth the wait. My very first order was for some Headbanger and it was one of the stronger strains I have smoked, Lemon Sorbet is right up there in terms of effect (just not as heavy) but the taste from this strain is just something else. Seems perfectly fitting for long summer nights. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough as their stealth and strains are just on another level. Have to mention that they were extremely helpful and answered all my questions both this time and my first order. I will definitely be back.

Stealth - 10/10
Communication - 10/10
Taste - 10/10 (Very tasty!)
Quality - 10/10 (Top shelf, Dam quality)
TGT - 10/10 (A new regular)