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Sales not showing in Transaxe
Hi, looking for some help. I'll start from the beginning.

I have made my first sales on LittleBiggy, but nothing os showing in Transaxe (it says there have been 0 sales made and 0 is 'pending release'). All of the sales have been marked as paid by the buyers.

Is this normal, is there a wait before sales show up on Transaxe?

Also, in my settings, where i was meant to put my Transaxe Token code, i (mistakingly) added my bitcoin wallet address.

I realised my mistake and changed this to the generated token code, but it is still showing in Transaxe that there have been no sales/no bitcoin pending from the sales.

Does anyone have any idea what has happened to these payments and when/if they will show up.

Any advice will be appreciated, as this site is a lot different to anything i have been on in the past!! Cheers