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I too miss the good old days. Retail prices: good Roccy @ £7.00 1/4oz. Afghan, Nepalese, @ £10 1/4 oz. Grass from Africa, usually seedy Congolese, @ £4.00 1/4. Scoring on the street in Brixton. £5.00 got you a 1/2oz pack of Jamaican herb, straight from the seller's mouth! We'd have a word, then his mate would pass him another one, ready to go again.

Course, it's all relative. When I completed my apprenticeship, I went on to net about 75.00 pw. The rent on my one bed flat in south London was £11.00 pw.

I knew a bloke who said in his good old days he could go out on a Saturday night with 0.75p, score and smoke 1/2 oz of good shit, down 10 pints, 6 double whiskies, a fish and chip supper with saveloy, then a bus home. And he still had change! Yeah, right.

When I heard this I wanted to say 'bollocks!' but a colleague gave me a sign to say nothing. Later, the chaps told me that he's a fantasist and that he won't tell you anything if you've challenged him. So we all kept quiet and heard the most outrageous tales of derring-do, the hero always Ken.

Anyway, the maxim here for scoring gear is: 'You can pay a lot for crap charge, but the good gear is never cheap.'