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I made some this week and it's great. Diamond Delights on youtube has a video that you may like to dig out.

My method would be to decarb the shake first. Then using a pyrex jug and food thermometer extract into either mct oil or coconut oil. Now you need to combine this solution with the honey. I used raw acacia honey (the clear one that doesn't crystallize). When you combine it you'll need to use an emulsifier to make sure there;s a uniform fully bound mixture, and I found that 400ml of honey plus about 100ml of mct oil weed juice can be successfully combined with 1 teaspoon (not overly loaded, but slightly more than level) of sunflower lecithin, which i sieved onto the top. Obviously I was using raw honey so I didn't want to over heat it, but I felt like some heat would probably help, so I warmed it on the stove, and let the sieved lecithin melt in a bit before I attacked it with the hand blender. Electric cake mixing whisks would work just as well, or a manual could suffice.

My weed honey has a green tinge to it and although it is still sweet tasting, there is a slight weed flavout that is discernible. I don't mind that taste st all - obviously I'm a weed fiend - but when melted into some milk I can tell you it's all but gone, just makes the milk sweeter.

Last night however was a breakthrough moment. I used the weed honey to make a flapjack, which I baked at 140 for around 40-45 mins, and it came out awesome. No weed flavour and because it was morish af I ended up eating half of it in the one sitting which sent me to another realm and kept me awake and active until 5am. There's still 400ml of honey in the fridge lol, but next time I bake a flapjack I'll make it earlier in the day!