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Hootan's Jaffabone
I missed this last time around...but glad I managed to pick some up this time.

I mean wow, this stuff is beautiful to look at, covered in trichs, a sea of green and white with flashes of orange and purple. This is bud porn!

The smell hits you as soon as you open the bag...dieselly orange and dank!

The high is euphoric and cerebral and then perfectly relaxed and in a great place :)

The flavour lighter than the smell but still lovely.

If I had to be hyper critical and at 120 for 7g I think it's fair to be, it was just a touch wet for my liking and maybe a touch too many leaves, but still buzzing I got my hands on it!

Hootan is smashing it at the moment, the ice cream cake was amazing, Sapphire Scout lovely, be great to some larger weights that make it cheaper per g as those prices means can't use you as daily smoke :)