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JJ’s cbd-thc tincture.
First off all I’m very high right now... https://youtu.be/Ph5psMQoirU this is what I’m listing too while writing this if anyone cares ( seen a few people do this) I love my music and smoking and music and playing music while smoking I have no idea if that makes sense.

I have too start by saying a big thanks too Jj as his sent this as a birthday Gift and as you can image one I was excited to receive.

JJs stealth has been top stuff once again 100% trust from every order I’ve had from them and I don’t even have to mention speed!

I’ve had these types of bottles before and it is good quality. It says about dropping under the tongue for me I would say do not do this...I tried and it felt like my mouth had bees init lol! But do NOT make this put you off! The effects where perfect. I had to drop half a dropper full it’s about 30 or more drops I believe I have been smoking all day so on a clear head would only need 15-20 drops. And I’m complete...I feel perfect a few weeks ago I fucked my ankle this stuff takes the pain away and gives a full body high.

For the dosing I put it in orange juice and for me I love it. In fact I actually look forward to having my orange/vodka/weed night cap! Next door screams a lot. And it takes about 45mins to an hr to kick in for me.

Thanks again JJ. his a top vendor keep up the amazing effort you clearly put into your customer service and products.